Friday, February 28, 2014

How We Find Water On Exoplanets

Colorado Rockies River Rapids Pioneer Rafting Trek - Early 10th Century - Silent Action 1920s

Black Hole Shoots Huge Jet Out of Galaxy | NASA Space Science

The Cost of Fun

Disney's 'Frozen' Was Probably Better Off Without These Deleted Scenes

Who Melted the Earth?

Hydrogen River Between Galaxies Breaks the Rules

Freemasons and the Vatican Bank

Ancient Helium Is Escaping by the Ton From Yellowstone

Realistic Visualizations Help Scientists Understand Karst Groundwater Flow

Air race POV in the skies of Abu Dhabi - Red Bull Air Race 2014

Oscar Dresses That Made History

Water Planet

Things Cats Do That Would Be Creepy If You Did Them

Global Precipitation Satellite Launched on This Week @NASA

πŸ™„ Can Drones and Viruses be Ethical Weapons?

International Space Station Crew Discusses Life in Space with Missouri Students

Science is Beautiful

Inside a Russian Show Trial

The Allure of Marilyn Monroe's Breathy Voice - Epic Science

NASA's AIRS Sees Rivers of Rain for California

25 Unsolved Scientific Mysteries That Will Leave You Scratching Your Head

Dark matter discovered at last? - This is REAL Genius

Geoengineering 'could be a disaster for Earth' - This is REAL Genius

Nelly the clever Pig - Extraordinary Animals - Earth

What Being a Woman REALLY Looks Like

Why Candy Crush Is So Addicting

🐦 Flappy Bird In Real Life?

10 Fakten über die Oscars

Recording captures hiss of Big Bang radiation

Vor 20 Jahren: Tod eines Gang-Aussteigers in Los Angeles

What an 18th Century Painting Reveals About Modern Venice | Strip the City

Bitcoin explained, in 90 seconds

Why don't cats get sick by licking bums? - You Asked #11 - Earth Unplugged

EXTRA BITS - What Makes a Computer? - Computerphile

Kepler Planet Find Includes Potential Earth-like Worlds | Space Science

Earth from Space: Ecuadorian elevations

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Learning to Fly the Soyuz Spacecraft | ESA Space Science

Quadrocopter Flock

Fluorescent in situ sequencing

Criminals Think They're Better Than You

This Fish Sucks: The Northern Clingfish

NASA | GPM Rocket Launch

Scientist Speaks Chimp - Extraordinary Animals - Earth

Chimp vs human! - Working Memory test - Extraordinary Animals - Earth

Python Eats Springbok Whole! - Deadliest Showdowns - Earth Unplugged

Dogs Can Smell Cancer - Secret Life of Dogs - BBC

Dog Does Maths - Extraordinary Animals - Series 2

The colour of dinosaurs - How To Build A Dinosaur - BBC

Five unnatural things humans do every day - This is Genius

Shark's Eye View: Sensors Capture Life as a Top Predator

πŸ’£ John Horgan: Why the U.S. Military Needs to Shrink

A 2000 Year Old Plan to Destroy Jerusalem

25 Things Facebook Could Buy With $19 Billion Instead Of WhatsApp

πŸ”¬ François Englert, The formula of the universe

Tool making gives insight into early human mind

Six-sided snowflakes bloom in slow motion

Music-making card turns objects into instruments

International Space Station Crew Discusses Life in Space with Temple University

A Tour of IGR J11014-6103

Women React To Men's Magazine Sex Tips

Space Scoop: The Space Olympics

Gillian Finnerty - Mars One candidate

The Science of Selfies!

🐱 Mercury the Kitten Walks on Two Legs Like an Adorable Baby T-Rex

New IRIS Spacecraft Spots Its First Strong Flare | NASA Space Science

Carl Sagan 1966 Interviewed about UFO's

Trouble in Bed: When Sleep Turns Against Us

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


715 New Planets Discovered Around Other Stars | NASA Space Science

Detectives of Saint Paul - Crime Prevention: Robbery, Larceny, Fraud & Drugs - Animation 1940s

Brazil Allies With USA Against Germany WW2 - Brazilian Forces of 3 Million Men - 1943

Ask Emily #8

ASIMO-One Of The World's Most Advanced Robots

Fraternal Orders 101

Caught in an Avalanche | Outrageous Acts of Science

The Pulse 5 ~ Bee virus spreads, blight-resistant potato, OCD in dogs

NASA | Landsat 8 Celebrates First Year in Orbit

A demonstration of very active gold nanorods internalized inside HeLa cells in an acoustic field

Veiled chameleons with researcher and PhD candidate Cissy Balleen (2011)

VerschwΓΆrung der Illuminaten - Welt der Wunder

🌞 Perovskite solar cells made simply

Stanford simulations show offshore wind farms could tame hurricanes

25 Leaders Responsible For The Worst Genocides Ever Committed

πŸŒͺ Twister - What's The Damage?

International Space Station Crew Discusses Life in Space with Chicago Media

Is Foreign Accent Syndrome A Real Thing? - Don't Be Dumb

Death by Joke - Science on the Web

Why do we cry? The three types of tears - Alex Gendler

The Lives of Stars - Professor Carolin Crawford

Water and the Electricity of Life | Dr. Jerry Pollack Interview

Can A Rooms Lighting Mess With Your Emotions?

Girls Who Don't Like Other Girls

🐢 Your Dog Can Tell When You're Sad

15 Inaccuracies Found In Common Science Illustrations - mental_floss on YouTube (Ep.48)

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Why Did People Love Flappy Bird?

Space Scoop: Super-Sized Space Spider!

πŸ›° A New Look at an Old Friend

25 Exercises And Workouts That Can Be Done No Matter Where You Are

Catherine Bracy: Why good hackers make good citizens

Electric heart sock could kick out pacemakers

NASA | SDO Observes Strong X-class Solar Flare

The history of marriage - Alex Gendler

What is the universe made of? - Dennis Wildfogel

Investigating KKK Murders in the Deep South: Correspondent Confidential

NASA | MMS Engineering Challenges

The Circus is In Town! Come see the Clowns, Side Shows, Sword Swallower, Tigers & More 1940s

The Kingfisher Hunts in River Shannon | Ireland's Wild River | PBS

10 ungelöste Verbrechen

Do invertebrates feel pain?

Credit Cards and Invisible Computing - Computerphile

Why Sitting Too Much Can Kill You!

We are Addicted to the New

🐢 Cats and Dogs Can See Invisible Things

Monday, February 24, 2014

Robo Raven Dives with Onboard Camera (UMD Robotics)

🧠 Michio Kaku: This is Your Brain on a Laser Beam

NASA Laboratory Creates Advanced Detectors | Space Science

Stanford researcher finds U.S. methane emissions are higher than official estimates

How Does Making Bread Work?

Nikola Tesla Mad Genius or Great Visionary

Light, Life, Time and Quantum weirdness explained

Large Channel Eruption Seen On the Sun's Surface | NASA Space Science

Can Moons Have Moons?

Why Do Onions Make Us Cry? - Instant Egghead #62

Are men more forgetful?

Common Science Facts People Dont Know

25 Craziest Images On Google Street View

🍺 Beer For Dogs


Can You Solve This?

The Surprising Foundations of Venice | Strip the City

Sunday, February 23, 2014

πŸ“† What is a Leap Year?

πŸ‘₯ Mixed-Member Proportional Representation Explained

πŸ• Daylight Saving Time Explained

πŸ‘€ Higgs Boson: How do you search for it?

πŸ“· Dark Energy Camera Construction Timelapse

πŸ“ˆ Physics in Collision 2009 -- Kobe, Japan

πŸ‘¨‍πŸ”¬ Single Top Quark

ESA Euronews: Accidents and Asteroids

Why Homophobia Could Kill You

Tod in der Sauna? | Galileo

ATC Mini: Do 'Men In Black' Really Exist?

The Scientific Power of Teamwork

πŸŒ€ Into the Subatomic Jungle

πŸ”­ Dark Energy Survey

πŸ”¬ Neutrinos: Nature's Identity Thieves?

πŸŒ€ Higgs Boson: The Inside Scoop

New Spacecraft Can Monitor Rain and Snow Worldwide | NASA Science

Are Doctors Doing Too Many C-Sections?

🦁 How To Introduce Your Pet to Your New Baby

The Dinosaur Expert - Steve Brusatte - Meet My Planet - Earth Unplugged

Wine Grapes Have Human Acne!

Winter Olympic Top Fashions - Winter Sportswear & Downhill Skiing 1940

The 10 CRAZIEST Drugs You Never Knew Existed!

Laser Fusion -- Is It Back to the Future Yet?

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Rare Hooved Mammals & Horns - Elephant, Hyrax, Onager, Tapir & More, Silent 1920s

The Pineal Gland: Mysticism and Neuroscience

Corporal Missile Launch & Nike Ajax Missile Launches Warhead - Tested on Drone Plane - 1950s

Utah Project- Area 52 Utah- UTTR- Dugway Range - E3S2

Reliving Genocide in The Act Of Killing -Screening Room

The Science of Pride

Does skinny shaming exist?

3 Dumb Ways Your Brain Sabotages You

🐱 This Mamal Commits Sexual Suicide

Volcano Death Wish!

IBEX—Plasma Ribbon Confirms Electric Sun

Why does saturn have rings?

Friday, February 21, 2014

Science Nation - Engineering a more efficient way to diagnose prostate cancer

Visit Siam - Early Thailand - Historical Monuments, Culture, People & Dance 1940s

Like Spiders, Pulsars Eat Their Mates | NASA Space Science

Vladimir Putin's Local Olympics Commercial

Fitness Trackers Can Cause Skin Rashes

Cygnus Released on This Week @NASA

Star Cluster Shines Like Diamonds in the Scorpion's Tail | ESO Space Science

No limits

Forecasting Avalanches

The Crushing Power of Air Pressure - Stuff to Blow Your Kids' Mind

Why Do We Obsess Over Sports?

πŸ‘¨‍⚕️ Maternal Newborn Antepartum: Complications

Artificial muscles made of fishing line are 100x stronger than yours - This is REAL Genius

Rogue satellite could cause Gravity-like chain reaction - This is REAL Genius

ESA Euronews: Asteroid wird Erde treffen

ESA Euronews: Accidents and Asteroids

πŸ‘¨‍πŸ”¬ Michael Schatz: On Autism and De Novo Mutations

Solar Song

5 Strange Ways to Clean Up Our Space Junk - The Countdown #42

Giant Isopod Dies After 5 Year Hunger Strike

🐜 Ants Build Floating Raft Out Of Their Babies

Christopher Ryan: Are we designed to be sexual omnivores?

25 Coolest Restaurants You Could Ever Hope To Eat At

15 Food Words That Don't Refer to Food

How to play mobile games without getting caught!

ScienceCasts: Follow the Water

🀰 Maternal Newborn Antepartum: Menstrual (Reproductive) Cycle

πŸ‘©‍πŸ”¬ Maternal Newborn Antepartum: Physiological Changes in Pregnancy

🀰 Maternal Newborn Antepartum: Nutritional Needs

Tierische Supersportler | Galileo

Die Γ€ltesten Weltrekorde | Galileo

Green Tea Leaves Can Help Create Antibacterial Coatings

πŸ‘₯ Crash Course US History Outtakes #5

NASA | IRIS Spots Its Largest Solar Flare

Earth from Space: Kumbunbur

Battle for the Solomon Islands - New Georgia Campaign - WW2 Fight for Rendova & Munda - 1943

Arctic Defense - Operation Moosehorn - Combat Preparations & Testing - Cold War - 1950s

Turborider - Welt der Wunder

Lauschangriff im Funkloch: Von Aliens und Strahlenangst

🦎 Komodo Dragons Attack! - Deadly 60 - Indonesia - Series 3 - BBC

Can You Cut The Mold Off Food and Eat It?

Why Dogs Spin Before They Poop

World's First Marijuana Overdose?

Pretty People Are Easily Forgotten

Why Do Zoos Kill Healthy Animals?

Robocop: Is Tech the Future of Policing?

Found: Youngest Galaxy and Oldest Star!

Things More Acceptable Than Being Gay in Russia

Why Polar Bears Don't Hibernate

Mind Controlling Monkeys Are Here!

Twitter Lie Detector Busts Hoax Tweets!